Auersperg Vinzenz

Born 17.07.1960

Medical studies in Vienna, Austria.

Medical training: Orthopedic university clinic of Vienna, Lorenz Böhler Trauma-Center Vienna, General Hospital Amstetten, General Hospital Mödling, General Hospital Linz (orthopedic training, 1992 -1996).
Hospital visit: Hospital of Special Surgery, New York, USA (10-12/1996)

Occupation as medical specialist (orthopedic surgeon)

•1997 –2006 Orthopädie AKH Linz
•Since 2006 Orthopedic surgeon in chief at the Orthopädie at the LKH Steyr, since 2019 it is renamed into Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen-Klinikum-Kirchdorf-Steyr
•Since 2013 Orthopedic surgeon in chief at the Orthopädie at the LKH Steyr and inLKH Kirchdorf, those hospitals are fused since Jan. 1st, 2019, into Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen-Klinikum-Kirchdorf-Steyr.

Personal foci of medical activities

•Joint preserving orthopedic surgery as arthroscopic surgery and foot surgery, and hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty
•ESWT at delayed and non-fracture healing and at patients with chronic tendon disorders, for example at the elbow and the foot and the shoulder (for example calcifying tendonitis).

Activity at international societies

•ÖGO (Österreichischen Gesellschaft fürOrthopädie und Orthopädische Chirurgie= Austrian Orthopedic Society) (member of the managing board since 2007, president elect for 2024-2025), chair of the AK-ESWT (ESWT working group) since 2001
•ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment) (member of the managing board since 2001)
•DIGEST (Deutschsprachige Internationale Gesellschaft für Extrakorporale Stoßwellentherapie= German speaking society for ESWT) (member of the managing board from 2005 to 2012)