Karin Freitag

Counting with more than 30 years as Rheumatologist and Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Karin Freitag has stablished her position as a pioneer in regenerative medicine translational medicine, specially applied to the musculoskeletal system. Her passion for research has led Dr. Freitag to set a Regenerative Medicine Unit among Clínica DKF, her Clinic of which she is the Director, becoming a national referent of the most advanced treatments in this field.

Dr. Freitag´s pursue in researching for non-invasive treatments for orthopaedic applications has led her to investigate the biological effect of shockwave therapy. In 2011 Dr. Freitag co-founded the Spanish Society for Shockwave Therapy stablishing herself as president until 2015. In 2021 Dr. Freitag was chosen as board member of the prestigious International Society Medical Shockwave Therapy (ISMST).