General info

Local organizing committee

ass. prof. Tomáš Nedělka, MD, PhD

Congress president

Jakub Katolický, MPT

Member of Local Organizing Committee

Ondřej Huňáček, MPT

Member of Local Organizing Committee


Lukáš Čáp
Project & Sponsorship Manager

Hana Ledvinková
Scientific Programme Manager

Tereza Medová
Registration Manager

Scientific committee of the ISMST

  • Cristina D´Agostino, Italy
  • José Ramón Aranzabal, Spain
  • Richard Crevenna, Austria
  • José Eid, Brasil
  • Karin Freitag, Spain
  • Ludger Gerdesmeyer, Germany
  • Irwin Goldstein, United States of America
  • David Hercher, Austria
  • Johannes Holfeld, Austria
  • Karsten Knobloch, Germany
  • Carlos Leal, Colombia
  • Daniel Moya, Argentina
  • Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg, Germany
  • Tomáš Nedělka, Czech Republic
  • Silvia Ramon (†), Spain
  • Jens Rassweiler, Germany
  • Martin Ringeisen, Germany
  • Sergej Thiele, Germany


The main purpose of the ISMST is the exchange of experiences and knowledge. ESWT has become a frequently used treatment in various indications, many devices have been developed, the treatment protocols became confusing and the outcome of many studies was inconsistent, so the ISMST established annual meetings to discuss these problems. The annual congresses created the possibility for this knowledge and experience exchange for many physicians, physiotherapists, and other researchers in ESWT.