Poster Guidelines

Poster Preparation

The Poster area will be located in the Exhibition area on the 3rd floor. There will be a dedicated poster session called “Meet the Author” on Saturday, 10 September from 13:45 to 14:45. Poster authors are encouraged to be present by their posters during this session to present their work and answer questions from delegates. Posters will be displayed during the whole duration of the event so you can be present by your poster during the breaks as well, but it is up to you.

Poster boards will be given specific numbers. Please make sure to mount your poster on the poster board with the number corresponding to the number assigned to your poster presentation.

Poster dimensions

Maximum poster dimensions (portrait orientation) should be 841 mm wide and 1 189 mm high (33 inches x 46,8 inches), the format is A0. Your poster must not exceed the recommended size. The organizers will provide suitable fixing materials and on-site assistance will be available to help you to display your poster.

Mounting your poster

The Poster area will be open for poster mounting on Friday morning, however, your poster should be displayed before the Opening ceremony which starts on Friday at 8:00.

The posters will be displayed during the whole Congress.

Removing your poster

All materials must be removed by the owner of the poster by the end of the scientific programme on Saturday. Posters left behind will be automatically removed and disposed of.

Tips for preparing your poster

Your poster will be a means to present your work and get your message across. To achieve this, we strongly recommend following the guidelines below:

  • Make use of colour and graphics. At least 3 pictures or figures are recommended to graphically show your study design and results.
  • Make you message clear. Highlight your AIM and CONCLUSION on the poster using bold or coloured fonts.
  • Be brief. Use bullet points and only the most relevant text. 300-400 words are more than enough for the main text.
  • Prepare a pitch, to explain the main message of your work in 1 minute, making use of the pictures and figures on your poster.

Poster printing service

Should you like to avoid carrying the poster while travelling to Prague you may want to consider contacting and your poster can be sent electronically for printing (for a fee 30,- EUR). The payment will be arranged in advance, via generated link. Enjoy the convenience of onsite pick-up without the hassle of travelling with your poster.

The deadline for sending the poster is 25 August 2022, posters delivered after the deadline will not be printed by us.

In case a presenting author is not available to present the accepted abstract, a co-author must be appointed to present the abstract and must be registered, please inform the ISMST Congress Secretariat at about this change.