Social programme

Networking Dinner will take place at Mlýnec restaurant on 9 September

Mlýnec restaurant

Mlýnec is considered as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Prague. The river Vltava flowing under your feet, a romantic view of the Charles Bridge and a newly designed interior inspired by the dynamic water surface. Add to that the exceptional food with an emphasis on getting every detail just right and a thoroughly professional approach, and your visit will be a special experience that you will want to repeat. 

Price: 100,- Euro

Get Together Evening will take place at  U Fleků Brewery on 10 September


The first written document dates back to 1499 when the house was bought by maltster Vít Skřemenec. The brewery U Fleků is one of few breweries in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years. The brewery was nationalised with the onset of the communist rule. The original owners, the Brtník family, regained the brewery and restaurant in 1991, after the fall of the regime. U Fleků is not only the most famous Czech restaurant, but also a pilgrimage site for all beer lovers, both Czech and foreign.

Price: 50,- Euro